Welcome to Jira-Select’s documentation!


Jira-select is a command-line tool and library that helps you generate the useful insights you need out of Jira.

Jira has its own query language but there are many limitations around what JQL is capable of. Some data is returned in arcane formats (e.g. sprint names are returned as a string looking something like com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint.Sprint@14b1c359[id=436...), data cannot be grouped (there’s nothing like SQL’s GROUP BY statement), and because of that lack of grouping, there are no aggregation functions – no SUM-ing story points or estimates per-assignee for you. And if you want to write a custom function for processing a field, well, I’m not even sure where you’d begin. Jira-select makes those things easy.

If you’ve ever found yourself held back by the limitations of Jira’s built-in query language, this tool may make your life easier. Using Jira-select you can perform a wide variety of SQL-like query operations including grouping, aggregation, custom functions, and more.


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